Sunday, January 30, 2011


Some Moments of Love appeared in 2004. The book was consisted upon his 45 short and long poems glittering with different romantic themes. The book was highly appreciated by literary circles. His book was regarded as the evidence of revivification of romanticism and reinvention of symbols, imagery, subjectivism, joyous and painful thoughts, unfulfilled desires, pangs, perforations and deed ecstasy of a lover. Some Moments of Love played a vital role in the literary career and fame of poet.  The book was not only appreciated in Pakistan, but it was highly recommended in India, England, Japan and News Zealand. The famous Indian poet Dr. Ram Krishna Singh commented on his book in such a way;

“The poems in the volume expresses his love yearning and passionate dreams and desires effectively, bearing the marks of classical poetry in various themes. His flash of imagination renders the volume a significant contribution to poetry from sub-continent.”


Imprisoned in dark cell
Where my heart forgot throbbing
Cactus in throat
Blood froze in veins
Eyes lost gleam
Lips dried
And voices rustled in mind.

Then I felt my inside famine
My all ways were dearth
Then at that instant
I loved the death. 


In murky night and solitude, she came
Took shelter in my lap
With bated breath
Gloomy eyes, entangled hairs
Trembling body, throbbing heart.

In my arms, I took her
Drowsiness came in her eyes
And she relaxed.

I kissed her and felt that,
“That doll of wax”
Will melt down with my warmth breath.


When she smiles
A dimple appears
On her sweet cheeks
Like a whirlpool
And my heart desires
“Would that I was lost in that whirlpool”
Or, “buried in that dimple forever.


In moonlit night
Stealthily and slowly steps
Came forward on my back
Put her palms on my eyes
And then said;

“Guess, guess a riddle for you,
Who I am? Tell me the true.”

I called many names
But she denied
I touched her cotton hands
And felt silky hairs
Over my shoulders.

Then I shouted
Yes, yes I guessed
You are Luna
Then she laughed
And kept her head
On my bosom.


Sweet and bitter
Come and pass
Wounds reopen
Bleeding starts.

Between you and me
Thousands miles span
But when moon lights lands on
Wearing anklets of beams.

Then in that silence
Your memory enters in my mind
To wet my eyes corner.


The faces seem innocent
We love them.
But when they betray us
The same innocent, pretty faces
Turn cruel, very cruel.
Now its enough
Give me a chance!