Sunday, January 30, 2011



A moment came
When you conquered my heart
With sweet words
And magic voice.

Taking away my everything
Regardless of my feelings
In that one moment
I felt myself wrecked
And hopeless.

My recognition died away
And I was called “Insane.”


Then another moment came
Your sweet words
Turned into harsh one
The same conquering smile
Itched my heart like a prickle
In that moment
I guessed
My hateful personality.


Then a moment came
When I was with empty hands
Wandering like gaga
Facing the hardships of life.

Losing all dears and nears
I became alone
While you were in gleams
With lot of your secret admirers
That devoted lives
On your coquetries
You shared laughter with them.

In these joyous moments
My memory never blazed you.

MOMENT     4

Then a moment will come
When you will have same condition
As mine.

All your fair weather friends
Will leave you.
You will be alone
In desert of solitude
With no gleam in your eyes
And sand in hairs.

Because of hunger and thirst
Near your dying
But on your one call
I will be in front of you.

Though with empty hands
And poor condition.

Few gems of my eyes
And some drops of my blood
Will quench your thirst
And my smitten heart
Will kill your hunger.
Perhaps at that last moment
After eating my heart.

You will come to know
How sweet was my heart?
For you. 

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