Sunday, January 30, 2011


In moonlit night
Stealthily and slowly steps
Came forward on my back
Put her palms on my eyes
And then said;

“Guess, guess a riddle for you,
Who I am? Tell me the true.”

I called many names
But she denied
I touched her cotton hands
And felt silky hairs
Over my shoulders.

Then I shouted
Yes, yes I guessed
You are Luna
Then she laughed
And kept her head
On my bosom.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing poem , LUNA !!!

    I also wrote a poem called LUNA ...

    How interesting ...

    LUNA is my name ...

    I am much attracted and inspired by LUNA,
    THE MOON !

    How do you know that LUNA MEANS MOON ?

    LUNA is the Romanian translation of the MOON !

    We both wrote a poem called LUNA ...

    Very interesting !

    Haminia / Luna