Sunday, January 30, 2011


A warrior, a courageous
As well as a triumphant too
Who conquered
In a few years
The world so wide.

A pupil to be proud
Of that one great teacher
From whose philosophic theories
The world learned much.

The lofty tops
Of gigantic mountains
The pride of Kohi Hindu Kush
Crushed under the hoofs of his horse.

To memorize his bravery
Pay tribute to his victories
The ballads and odes
Echo in that green valley
By the people of his race.

Search for the water of immortality
To be alive forever
He wandered from place to place.
His ship was destroyed
His army demolished.

But the dreamer who dreamt
To live for long
Nature shortened his life
And he died so young.

The man just defeated by irony of fate
The conqueror of the world, Alexander the Great!

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