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Some Moments of Love appeared in 2004. The book was consisted upon his 45 short and long poems glittering with different romantic themes. The book was highly appreciated by literary circles. His book was regarded as the evidence of revivification of romanticism and reinvention of symbols, imagery, subjectivism, joyous and painful thoughts, unfulfilled desires, pangs, perforations and deed ecstasy of a lover. Some Moments of Love played a vital role in the literary career and fame of poet.  The book was not only appreciated in Pakistan, but it was highly recommended in India, England, Japan and News Zealand. The famous Indian poet Dr. Ram Krishna Singh commented on his book in such a way;

“The poems in the volume expresses his love yearning and passionate dreams and desires effectively, bearing the marks of classical poetry in various themes. His flash of imagination renders the volume a significant contribution to poetry from sub-continent.”


Imprisoned in dark cell
Where my heart forgot throbbing
Cactus in throat
Blood froze in veins
Eyes lost gleam
Lips dried
And voices rustled in mind.

Then I felt my inside famine
My all ways were dearth
Then at that instant
I loved the death. 


In murky night and solitude, she came
Took shelter in my lap
With bated breath
Gloomy eyes, entangled hairs
Trembling body, throbbing heart.

In my arms, I took her
Drowsiness came in her eyes
And she relaxed.

I kissed her and felt that,
“That doll of wax”
Will melt down with my warmth breath.


When she smiles
A dimple appears
On her sweet cheeks
Like a whirlpool
And my heart desires
“Would that I was lost in that whirlpool”
Or, “buried in that dimple forever.


In moonlit night
Stealthily and slowly steps
Came forward on my back
Put her palms on my eyes
And then said;

“Guess, guess a riddle for you,
Who I am? Tell me the true.”

I called many names
But she denied
I touched her cotton hands
And felt silky hairs
Over my shoulders.

Then I shouted
Yes, yes I guessed
You are Luna
Then she laughed
And kept her head
On my bosom.


Sweet and bitter
Come and pass
Wounds reopen
Bleeding starts.

Between you and me
Thousands miles span
But when moon lights lands on
Wearing anklets of beams.

Then in that silence
Your memory enters in my mind
To wet my eyes corner.


The faces seem innocent
We love them.
But when they betray us
The same innocent, pretty faces
Turn cruel, very cruel.
Now its enough
Give me a chance!


I saw a group of nomads
Riding on camels
And some on feet.

I was disillusioned
To see a fairy
On the back of a camel
Smiling with love
Maddened I joined
That caravan
Seeking her.

My feet refused to advance
And she disappeared.

I wanted to search
That unknown gipsy
For whom I astrayed
She also made me gipsy.


The moment my eyes crashed with hers
I was captured in the cage
Of her blue and crystalline eyes

I saw towards the colourless sky
And thought
That in her eyes
All blueness of indigo sky has gathered
And there is no rescue.


“Museum of Reminiscence” is the second collection of his, Hamza Hassan Sheik, a young man from Pakistan, romantic and delicate English poems. It was published by Naqshgar Publication Rawalpindi, in 2009. It is with beautiful title, like Greek goddess of love and beauty holding flower in hand, and hard cover. The book consists of 112 pages, its price is 120, mostly having the poems scattered on the pages and having a few pages of comments by different viewer and readers of his first compilation of English poems “Some Moments of Love” with title.

The preface of the book is written by author/poet himself. In his preface he seems overflowed with the emotions and thoughts. From the preface his (poet’s) poetic emanation of sensitive feelings and delicacy forcefully come on top from where his poetic sensitivity and depth can be judged. He does not seem amateur poet or writer neither seems to write for fame or some vested interests. It is all his poetic overflowing of thoughts, which at the time youth, is natural giving out of romance.


When the eyes vomited fire
And tongue scattered bullets
Instead of sweet words.

From mouth and nostrils
Instead of cold fog
Disgorged flames and smoke.

While the bloody hands
Seemed me anxious to throttle
The human’s throat.

With long teeth
Like a demon
Wandering like a vagabond
In search of human neck.

When the atmosphere perfumed
With the smell of blood.

And humanity danced nakedly
On the reddish land.

I wondered, I puzzled
I saw his vindictive figure
And touched his warm body
With trembling hands
And stopping beat.

My tongue muttered
“Who are you?”
He laughed wildly
And caught my neck
Then replied
“I am your future generation.”


I was imprisoned
In love’s island.
My cruel justice
Came daily
To justify my holy emotions.

Among flowers
Through a passage
Appeared like a nymph
Wearing a white skirt
Her face seemed as
Any fairy is peeping from clouds.

Like the snake
Her skirt crept behind
A crown sparkled
On her head
And indigo sky bent too.

In the middle of the lake
She sat on queen’s seat
On balcony
Slave girls were fanning
Paradise birds dipped their wings
In perfume
And fluttered over her head
While cool breeze scented
The whole atmosphere.

She gazed at me bitterly
And pricked my heart
By her coquetries.

Came near me
Raised my bent head
By her smooth hand
And laughed.

Then ordered her slaves
“Bring him away
I will discuss his fate
In some other leisure time”
I was hanged
On the noose
To face her again.

Who wanted to kill me
With a dreadful death
By her glimpses. 


A gorgeous butterfly
Sits on a pink flower
And sucks out
Its colour and honey.

Then flies away
To pierce many more
With her beauty’s magic.



A moment came
When you conquered my heart
With sweet words
And magic voice.

Taking away my everything
Regardless of my feelings
In that one moment
I felt myself wrecked
And hopeless.

My recognition died away
And I was called “Insane.”


Then another moment came
Your sweet words
Turned into harsh one
The same conquering smile
Itched my heart like a prickle
In that moment
I guessed
My hateful personality.


Then a moment came
When I was with empty hands
Wandering like gaga
Facing the hardships of life.

Losing all dears and nears
I became alone
While you were in gleams
With lot of your secret admirers
That devoted lives
On your coquetries
You shared laughter with them.

In these joyous moments
My memory never blazed you.

MOMENT     4

Then a moment will come
When you will have same condition
As mine.

All your fair weather friends
Will leave you.
You will be alone
In desert of solitude
With no gleam in your eyes
And sand in hairs.

Because of hunger and thirst
Near your dying
But on your one call
I will be in front of you.

Though with empty hands
And poor condition.

Few gems of my eyes
And some drops of my blood
Will quench your thirst
And my smitten heart
Will kill your hunger.
Perhaps at that last moment
After eating my heart.

You will come to know
How sweet was my heart?
For you. 


A word when expressed
From the tongue
It soothes up the heart.

From the lap of mother
To the solitude of grave
It dwells inside a person
In depth of his being.

In each satisfied heart
It glows like a candle
To guide each way.

But when terror rustles
In human mind
It groans and sobs
To breathe its last.
Let us be its survivor
And messenger too.
To warble on livid sky
Like a dove. 


A warrior, a courageous
As well as a triumphant too
Who conquered
In a few years
The world so wide.

A pupil to be proud
Of that one great teacher
From whose philosophic theories
The world learned much.

The lofty tops
Of gigantic mountains
The pride of Kohi Hindu Kush
Crushed under the hoofs of his horse.

To memorize his bravery
Pay tribute to his victories
The ballads and odes
Echo in that green valley
By the people of his race.

Search for the water of immortality
To be alive forever
He wandered from place to place.
His ship was destroyed
His army demolished.

But the dreamer who dreamt
To live for long
Nature shortened his life
And he died so young.

The man just defeated by irony of fate
The conqueror of the world, Alexander the Great!


Always to me she says
“There is an ocean inside me
With billowing waves of love.

On the wet sand of its coast
Each day I write your name.”

But this statement of hers
Keeps me in trembling dread
That when those onrushing waves
Of her unlimited love
Will erase my name from the wet sand
Would she write?
My name again or not. 


A rich man
Keeping a lot of diamonds
In powerful lockers
Or box by box
In hidden underground places.

He gets out those daily
And watching those
Gloats in solitude.

Though he has lot of gems
Yet too poor
To spend.

No courage to reveal
Those to the world
And those keep glimmering
In lonely rooms.

While a poor labourer
Who works in burning sun
Has lot of tiny diamonds
Adorning his forehead
As a symbol of his endeavour.

Though wearing torn clothes
Yet so rich
That he collects those diamonds
In his fist
And like a generous
Throws those away in the air. 


“I am a loving person”
 At each stage I claimed
To every person I told.

Hatred is the word
Which I hate.

Then I fell in love
This filled
My days and nights.

I wandered before her
Like a loony.
Just once she said,
“I hate you”

On that day
For the first time
I hated a person
Who was I.


The night was dewy and much cold,
Hearts were young while story was old.

I was collecting the dry woods,
To warm myself so that I could.

In burning flames, I saw shadow,
As she walked towards the meadow.

I heard mild soft voice of her feet,
My body thrilled on each heart’s beat.

She sat near, close to the fire,
Advanced her hands to warm up here.
The hand was as white as the snow,
Or as in sunshine, dew does glow.

In white dress like princess of snow,
From where did she come, do you know?

With a terror there moved my hand,
And she gripped it with great bland.


In the temple of my heart’s city
Someone rings the bell.
Kindles a lamp
Then gradually
Disappears down the back steps.

Just remains behind
The flashes of an alien figure.

The chimes go on ringing
Lamp burns all night long
Blazing with someone’s memories.


Wearing a black suit
Like a dark night.
But her face shone
Like the moon


Those enchanting eyes
Like a boundless sea
Without any sign of the shore.

But when she applies
Antimony to her eyes
It seems
To stop those onrushing waves
Of bewitching allure
A boundary has been fixed.

Around a bluish area of sea
A black boundary of antimony.